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Our focus is to obtain inference about the cohort composed of those who are still alive at any time point partly conditional inference. We propose: i an inverse probability weighted method that upweights observed subjects to represent subjects who are still alive but are not observed; ii an outcome regression method that replaces missing outcomes of subjects who are alive with their conditional mean outcomes given past observed data; and iii an augmented inverse probability method that combines the previous two methods and is double robust against model misspecification.


These methods are described for both monotone and non-monotone missing data patterns, and are applied to a cohort of elderly adults from the Health and Retirement Study. Sensitivity analysis to departures from the assumption that missingness at some visit t is independent of the outcome at visit t given past observed data and time of death is used in the data application.

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Biometrics published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Dropout; Generalized estimating equation; Intermittent missing; Longitudinal data; Non-ignorable; Partly conditional inference; Sensitivity analysis. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Didn't get the message? Find out why Add to Clipboard.

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Add to Collections. Liable or subject to death; not immortal: mortal beings. Of or relating to humans as being subject to death: "When we have shuffled off this mortal coil" Shakespeare.

Causing death; fatal: a mortal wound. See Synonyms at fatal.

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Fought to the death: mortal combat. Relentlessly hostile; implacable: a mortal enemy.

Of great intensity or severity; dire: mortal terror. Conceivable; imaginable: no mortal reason for us to go. Used as an intensive: a mortal fool. Biology of living beings, esp human beings subject to death.

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Pathology ending in or causing death; fatal: a mortal blow. Switch to new thesaurus. Of or characteristic of human beings or mankind: human. Causing or tending to cause death: deadly , deathly , fatal , lethal , vital.

Capable of being anticipated, considered, or imagined: conceivable , earthly , imaginable , likely , possible , thinkable. A member of the human race: being , body , creature , homo , human , human being , individual , life , man , party , person , personage , soul. ADJ 1.