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This can mean encouraging them to be direct, to the point and leave out superfluous words. Translators can help where words or attempts at understanding one another fail.

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You should employ a translator to translate the most important documents in the office. That way, there is no ambiguity. Often, companies will rely on internal individuals who took language courses in school or who speak a second language outside of work. While convenient, this often leads to noticeable mistakes that a professional translator who is an expert in corporate communications would avoid.

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Words often fail us and using visuals can really make a difference when it comes to understanding concepts. Encourage your employees to do this in presentations and emails so that everything is as clear as possible. Language barriers can often be frustrating. Sometimes, they can even lead to conflicts between the parties. While this is inevitable in a multi-lingual environment, remind your employees to be as respectful as possible. This can cause fractured relationships in the workplace and can also make the person embarrassed to continue to improve their skills.

Your environment should be as supportive as possible. Repetition is the key to memory. Even if employees find it annoying for you to repeat yourself, in some cases it is necessary to ensure everyone is on the same page. Language is an intrinsic part of a culture, and a multi-lingual environment is a great jumping off point. Encourage employees to learn phrases and idioms in the other language as well as explore differences in food and traditions.

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This can give your employees not only the chance to grow in their careers, but also to grow personally. Getting to know people from other countries and cultures is a wonderful way to learn more about the world. Your employees even might just find it fun. The gestures that American speakers think are rude may be wildly different from gestures that those from other countries believe are inappropriate.

Before entering the workplace, you should be mindful of the gestures.

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Educate your employees on this as well. Overcoming a language barrier at work is a process of trial and error. Along the way, there will be frustrations and laughter, but in the end, it will be an incredibly rewarding experience. You might find you really like learning about other languages and cultures. Previously, he worked as a digital strategist for innovative marketing agencies in Chicago and as a political consultant for domestic and international clients in Washington, DC.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Request a Quote. As an emergency medical services engine company, our mission is to treat the sick and injured to the best of our abilities. Sometimes, doing our best includes doing it in a different language. Every member of the company that takes the time to learn a few vital phrases in a language other than English makes the company, as a whole, better. The company officer is in the best position to lead by example. Asking the crew a few questions in a different language keeps everybody sharp and changes the tone from resentment toward understanding. It makes sense to figure out how best to communicate with our patients, many of whom have made the effort to learn basic English. We are the professionals on an emergency scene; it is we whom people depend on. We are not struggling to find the right words while filled with worry; we are simply doing our job to the best of our abilities.

Communicating with our patients is the first step toward properly treating them. It is not necessary to master a different language to do so.

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  • Each and every member of the company benefits when everybody makes an effort to improve their skills. Asking questions is the easy part; understanding answers gets tricky. I have found that once a patient feels even a little bit understood, his stress level greatly decreases and he understands his part in the communications puzzle.

    He can then try harder to get his message through so we can administer better emergency medical treatment. Vital signs and observations are the same in all languages. When some basic information derived from proper communication is added, everybody wins.

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