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Metabolite identification in drug discovery: From data to information and from information to knowledge. The Information Structure - Prosody Interface: On the role of hierarchical thematicity in an empirically-grounded model.

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Molecular and mechanistic characterization of a novel long non-coding RNA derived from NBL2 macrosatellite repeats in colorectal cancer. Knowledge acquisition in the information age. The interplay between lexicography and natural language processing.

Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales 1835-1842 Audiobook-Kids Audio Books-Relaxing Stories Vol.1

Reescrituras de lo espiral. European Identity on the Perspective of Incoming and outgoing Erasmus students: a study of stereotypes and prejudices as cultural differences. Neurobiological mechanisms involved in memory function and dysfunction: focus on the endocannabinoid system and associated signaling pathways.

Nihilismo y esperanza. Phrase table expansion for statistical machine translation with reduced parallel corpora: the Chinese-Spanish case. High reputation companies' social media performance in the context of Chinese digital market: Based on Sina Weibo and WeChat platforms.

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Bioinformatic tools for exposome data analysis: application to human molecular signatures of ultraviolet light effects. Defining molecular markers. Creating ad hoc functional ontologies for complex diseases and understanding drug response with cellular networks. The wiring diagram of antennal lobe and mapping a brain circuit that controls chemotaxis behavior in the Drosophila larva.

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Effects of behavioural traits and the endogenous opioid system in neuropathic pain manifestations. Development of informatic tools for extracting biomedical data from open and proprietary data sources with predictive purposes. Cochlear implantation modeling and functional evaluation considering uncertainty and parameter variability. On the development of computational tools for the study of protein-protein interactions and protein-protein binding.

El Baix Llobregat: noviembre de febrero de Applications of molecular dynamics in drug discovery and techonology transfer via a web-based platform. Trusting people in times of crisis.


Panel and experimental evidence on the political foundations and consequences of social trust. Mechanisms and pathways involved in lung tumor development in patients with chronic respiratory conditions. La minoranza italiana in Istria. Respiratory muscle dysfunction in respiratory and non-respiratory disease: clinical and thesapeutical approach.

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New forms of literariness in electronic literature: an approach to rhetorical enunciation and temporality. Decision-making as an encoding-decoding process and its correlation with neuronal activity and behavior. It had its origin in , being the founding organization the religious congregation Oblatos de Maria Inmaculada. Information about its educational services and activities. General topics.

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