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Despite the notoriety of the scalp by US troops, Washington along with other governments around the world, are remaining cautious in celebrating the success too much, as fears of an ISIS resurgence loom.

  • Witness who avoids testifying in PE ‘revenge trial’ fears for his life – The Citizen?
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  • Guatemala amnesty bill stirs fears of impunity and revenge of ex-military;

Military spokesman in the Philippines Brigadier General Edgard Arevalo said: "Our troops in the front lines remain on high alert to thwart possible attempts to ride on this development. Fears will not be helped by the reports emerging that ISIS may have named a new leader in little known but supposedly extremely violent Abdullah Qardash.

Newsweek claim that new leader Qardash, former officer in Saddam Hussein's military who forged an alliance with al-Baghdadi in prison before becoming his enforcer and policy-maker, has emerged as al-Baghdadi's successor.

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  • "Assange fears revenge for publication of Wikileaks documents".
  • Love Island's Michael fears Amber will 'twist truth' in nasty bid for revenge!

Argentina News. The daughter of the man who killed a teenager Thursday and wounded another by thwarting an assault on Longchamps asked "security" for his father and his two younger brothers, as the neighbors warned him that the relatives of the suspects can "balear the house" To take revenge for what happened. I'll give him a hug when I see him" he concluded.

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Carolina Papaleo demands a face to face with Baby Etchecopar. The controversial message of Amalia Granata that revolutionized the networks.

Amalia Granata on the cause of pedophilia: "Mine is a story by Heidi". Alberto Fernandez's son criticized the media and journalists: They screwed up my life. Chubut: in the midst of the teaching conflict, Arcioni asked the resignation of his chief of staff. Video: they stole the roast they cooked on the sidewalk — Together.

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Amalia Granata is linked in a complaint of sexual abuse and replied with a provocative message. An archbishop tried to "spawn" Tinelli, and he launched a harsh response. The 10 keys to the Rent Law that Congress will deal with.

One by one, who are the trade unionists who supported Alberto Fernandez. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. Play Later. Manage episode series By Lend Me Your Fears.

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Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. In the super sized Part 2 of the Season Five premiere, we have an passionate, in depth discussion about the Finale of Game of Thrones Look, we all had to take a moment to recover after the Finale, alright? Have any questions, comments, concerns? Contact us an email at lendmeyourfears gmail. Questions or comments, contact us at sanctumofthedarkflame gmail.

In this special July 4th edition, we discuss our friend OJ, some of our favorite serial killers, Strange getting lowballed for a job, an update on Sanctum of the Dark Flame, how one of our guest, who may or may not be David's brother, talks about getting left behind for a family trip, but is more than likely miss-remembering how everything went In this episode, Imani and A.

Also, wagons, glass, the magical impact of Sade and how A.

Fears of revenge attacks after friends shot dead hours apart -

Comments, questions, concerns? Contact us by email at lendmeyourfears gmail. In this exciting episode, Supreme and Evie talk about their Homer-esk journey in the land of West Philadelphia. Also, the rest of the crew talk about their down adventures in Philadelphia, how the South thinks that it will rise again You lost, shut-up and make peace with it , and the wild lands known as South Jersey with special guest Adam Car After a very long break, we're coming back and yes, we somewhat missed you too.

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Topics include TheHound, Mr. Ratburn's new marriage, Chickie Chickie boom boom, the slang of the youth of t In this episode, David Strange faces his greatest challenge with special guests, the brother of David Strange, Adonis and friend to the show, Sebastian. Note: the artist requests that are referred to in the end of this episode are discussed in the Super Bowl special.

Contact us an email at lendmeyourfea Just in time for the big game, this bonus episode explores the strangest requests that the A.

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Included topic cover cats for art, how Imani became dead accurate with his camera skills, and the cockeyed bagpipe player that will forever haunt your dreams. They're all featured topics on this weeks episode with special guest Spencer. Ashley and David explain the well used tools that are vital to the craft with special guest Evade.

The group responds and gives their personal opinions about Surviving R. Kelly and the surrounding reaction. Note: this was recorded before Lady Gaga's statement. Due to the subject matter of the topic of this discussion, listener discretion is advised.