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Others are more substantial. The Fugue in G minor, K. Connections can be drawn between its style and those of the Art of the Fugue. The Fugue in E flat major, K. Like many of the other fragments, it probably served as a compositional exercise, as the Fugue in G minor, K. The other works explore various stylistic modes, though the Baroque remains a subtle influence.

Unlike his orderly fugues, this sixteen-measure parody , with mock-seriousness, employs some cheeky parallel fifths and exaggerated descending chromatic scalar figures. The more substantial Rondo in D major, K. In the compelling Rondo in D major , a complex rondo form undergirds a light and delicate character.

In contrast, the Rondo in A minor unfolds on a larger scale, opening in a more poignant vein: a delicately ornamented theme prefigures Chopin. Mozart communicates pathos through the falling sevenths and chromaticism threaded through both theme and contrasting material. The Suite in C major, K. Mozart completed the Overture , Allemande , and Courante , but only sketched a few measures of the opening of a Sarabande. The structure conforms stylistically to the Baroque suite, with some deviations each movement is in a different key, whereas Baroque suites would have been unified by key.

The Overture reflects the two-part structure of the French overture with a dramatic, slow section followed by a fast, fugal section.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Fantasia No. 4 in C Minor, K. 475 [Complete] (Piano Solo)

The other dance movements follow their respective forms, with a ceremonious Allemande , a lively, graceful Courante , and a stately Sarabande. In the concise, chromatic Gigue , Mozart returns to a dance form rarely used by Classical composers. The Fantasia in C minor, K. Bach, is a measure exposition from a violin sonata arranged and completed for solo piano by Stadler. The Fantasia in F minor, K. About this Recording 8.

Sang Woo Kang. Close the window. I "Trauer": II. Menuet: Allegretto - Canone in diapason e Trio. I "Feuer": III. Menuetto alla Zoppo un poco Allegretto e Trio.

Allegro con spirito. Quartet for 2 Violins, Viola, and Cello No. III I. III II. Menuetto e Trio.

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III IV. III V. Allegro molto. Poco Adagio. Adagio non troppo.

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Largo cantabile alla Breve. III spurious : I. III spurious : II. Andantino grazioso. III spurious : IV. Allegro moderato. Adagio - Presto.

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Andante cantabile. Menuetto et Trio. Adagio - Cantabile. Adagio cantabile.

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Largo Cantabile. Menuet e Trio. Menuet poco Allegretto e Trio. Allegro di molto. Andante grazioso. Allegretto e Trio. Adagio Cantabile.

Menuet un poco Allegretto e Trio. Affettuoso e sostenuto. Fuga a quattro soggetti. Un poco Adagio e affettuoso. Menuet alla Zingarese e Trio. Presto e Scherzando. Fuga a due soggetti. Allegro di molto e scherzando. Fuga con tre soggetti.

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Scherzando e Trio. Scherzo e Trio. Vivace assai. Largo cantabile. Allegro e Trio. Andante edI. Adagio e cantabile. Adagio non lento. Allegro con brio. Andante piu tosto Allegretto. Allegro spirituoso. III "Dream": I.

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III "Razor": I. Adagio ma non troppo. Allegro ma non troppo e Trio.