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The long-tailed manakin is also laid-back, both with socialising and with work, but committed, loyal and cooperative. All this adds up to a bird that is as cute as it is interesting! But looks can be deceiving - these wide-eyed little cats actually make some really aggressive thinkers.

This puppy is as sweet an animal as it is a personality.

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Although anxious and dependent, it is also a loyal, hard-working, and all around lovable person. Click the link above to read the whole analysis!

I must admit: few things are as exciting to read as a brand new fish analysis. And what a fish this is, too! They often work together in pairs or groups and rarely stray far from their homes. So instead they form permanent cleaning stations, open for any client-fish to come visit for a lovely under-water spa-day! It has been given its name because of a fascinating adaptation: they use little adhesive disks, on top of their wings, to stick to the slippery leaves they use as homes. They are also some of very few bats that do not hang head-down. If these animals interest you, you are going to be excited to hear about their personality, as well!

Look below to find out just how their bat behaviour translates into human personality. Who, What, is TDP? This tumblr is an extension of the daemonpage. If all this feels confusing, please make sure to ask us a question! Search Posts. Anonymous Asks:. Aug 1, pm by bagleyarts 7 notes. Somehow the links to detailed analyses are all not working?

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Vanowen watched a sedan emerge from the shadows to meet The Major. Distant suburban sprawl. Vanowen exhaled in relief. That had gone extraordinarily well. Better than he could have imagined. The Daemon was widespread. Matthew Sobol had underestimated them, and they were already taking steps to turn this situation to their advantage.

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In fact, he was going to have that celebratory scotch, after all. Vanowen pulled a bottle of thirty-year-old Macallan from the mini-bar and poured three fingers, neat. He lifted the glass and sighed again in satisfaction, appreciating the caramel color against the backdrop of the headlights.

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Not only was he going to free himself of the Daemon, but he stood to make billions doing it. This was the very essence of capitalism: thriving on chaos. True, there would be a temporary economic meltdown, but like pruning a tree, it would grow back fuller and healthier than before. But thoroughly under their control. He raised his glass and toasted. Half a second later it came screaming out of the blackness. It was a car with its headlights off.

A Lincoln Town Car nailed the Escalade dead-center in the front grill at a combined speed of over mph—instantly pancaking the sedan up to its rear passenger seat with a powerful BOOM and flattening the armored Escalade up to its front windshield. After the initial impact, the wreckage of the Escalade sheared away from the Town Car and went into a wild roll, sending pieces of metal and armored doors flying.

What remained of the SUV landed upside down in the opposite lane nearly a hundred yards farther on.

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Smoke and steam billowed from the wreck. After a few moments of dead silence, headlights appeared in the distance, back the way the Escalade had come. They grew rapidly brighter, accompanied by the growling of a powerful engine.

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Soon, a black convertible Mercedes SL Sports Coupe arrived and rolled to a stop near the start of the debris field. Its xenon headlights were aimed at the wreckage of the overturned Escalade, bathing it in white light. Twin black Lincoln Town Cars, with their headlights off, pulled up behind the Mercedes like guardians.

The throbbing engine of the coupe cut off, but the headlights stayed on. In a few moments the door opened, and the dark form of the driver strode calmly into the light of his own headlights. Brian Gragg gazed intently at the wreckage. He was reborn.

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Gone without a trace were the tattoos and the piercings and the unkempt hair. In their place was a perfectly groomed and successful-looking young man. Dressed as Sobol might dress, all in black with tailored slacks, silk shirt, and sports coat. Except for the black synthex gloves and sports glasses he wore, he looked like any other Austin tech entrepreneur. He was now invisible to authority.

A man of substance. He sniffed the night air. It was thick with moisture and the aroma of field grass.

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The din of crickets filled his ears. He was never more alive than now. Never more happy. And never before could he see with such clarity. He could feel the world for miles around. Gragg felt the tingling of the Third Eye on his stomach and back. The Third Eye was another of the miracles that Sobol had bestowed upon him.

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An eye that never blinked, and an eye that could see around him in degrees or halfway around the world, if he wished. It worked by sending tiny electrical impulses to excite the nerve endings in his skin, much like a computer monitor projected pixels onto a screen. The microscopic electrical impulses represented data—from blips on a radar screen to full-blown visual displays.

But what amazed Gragg was how the brain learned to accept input from this new source as if it were just another organ. Just another eye. He felt the networks around him, but he could do more than just feel them. Gragg motioned with his gloved ha nds. Suddenly the headlights of the twin Town Cars flicked on.

The cars roared forward and deployed on either side of the road at his command, illuminating the entire crash scene. Gragg halted them with a wave of his hand.

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Glittering pieces of metal and plastic littered the roadway. It was lying backward in a ditch along the road about fifty feet ahead. Smoking like a distillery.