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Belanger, and S. Online: Internet 12 June Future references will appear parenthetically in the text. Ann Radcliffe, The Mysteries of Udolpho, ed. The breezy freshness of the morning, too, revived her. She raised her thoughts in prayer, which she felt always most disposed to do, when viewing the sublimity of nature, and her mind recovered its strength.

The deep repose of the scene, the rich scents, that floated on the breeze, the grandeur of the wide horizon, and the clear blue arch, soothed and gradually elevated her mind to that sublime complacency, that renders the vexations of this world so insignificant and mean in our eyes, that we wonder they have had the power to disturb us.

See also The Italian , ed. All was in gradual shades of blue; the calm sea below, the shores and distant hills, stretching along a cloudless blue sky. Innumerable vessels and little sails, whose whiteness was just softened with azure tint. It is impossible to express the beauty of those soft melting tints, that painted the distant perspective. Oh God! Thy great laws will one day be more fully known by thy creatures; […] the God of order and all of this and far greater grandeur, the creator of that glorious sun, which never fails in its course, will not neglect us.

In her journal for July pp. The Italian , I, ch.

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However, on p. Kearsley, Amants used in later editions published by Le Jay. In vol. These mysteries are resolved providentially late in vol. The plot device of two miniatures providing circumstantial evidence is also used in Gaston de Blondeville pp. Frederick S.

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She also displays the cruelty of the tyrannical abbess of San [ sic ] Stefano in The Italian. Meronville, believing his Emily dead, turns his back on his inherited dukedom, and enters the austere, Cistercian monastery to seek in his monastic vows and the strict Bernardine Rule an escape from his obsessive love and grief. Hamlet , III. On gaining her freedom, she had taken a male habit before causing a report of her death to be spread.

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IV, p. See Radcliffe, Sicilian Romance , ch. II, p. See De Tencin, Count of Comminge , p. Udolpho , II, ch. III, p. His soul was little susceptible of light pleasure. He delighted in the energies of the passions; the difficulties and tempests of life, which wreck the happiness of others, roused and strengthened all the powers of his mind, and afforded him the highest enjoyments, of which his nature was capable.

His frequent resort to verbal bullying, with its attendant casuistry and blatant hypocrisy, positions him as an object of detestation and contempt. Unbeknown to Lusignan, Emily secures his release from Belleisle Priory by writing a letter to the Duke in which she promises to conceal her whereabouts and never see Lusignan again.

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  • However, after a chance meeting, Lusignan is again confined. The most striking and suspenseful example of the use of music in Lusignan occurs when Lusignan now Duke of Meronville , foolhardily having gained admission to St Jago disguised as a painter to observe his Emily incognito , falls under the spell of her music-making IV, Udolpho , IV, ch.

    Romance of the Forest II, ch.